This site presents the Jam4Life recording project.

The performers on the recording are: Mees and Fred Witteman, Peter de Lange and Henk Hoogland. See the personel page for further details of the role each played.

The recording sessions took place in the rehearsal room of the LJW band at "De Popbunker" located in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. The sessions started november 2004 and lasted untill may 2005. A lot of the singing, synth programming and mixing was done in the attic at "Meesplace", Haarlem.

Jam4Life is written by Mees Witteman and dedicated to Joyce for giving inspiration to the project.

If you like this project also visit my personal page: Meesplace.
Here you will find more music that sprouted from my heart.

These days I play in a progressive band called Mastheria. Check out our site at mastheria for more info.

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