1 Encounter

The first part of the song contains no lyrics and symbolises the period before meeting your better half. This part is about growing up and having intense feelings. Starting off kind of sweet and as time progresses displays a dark atmosphere that can be felt at times. Luckily there is way out when a slide guitar takes the lead.

	Suddenly I saw you standing there
	In the beaty of your youth
	Fullgrown and full of mysteries

	Uptight and ready for action
	Leaping high on adventure
	Talk to me, dance with me, talk to me, dance with me
	Do not say goodbye tonight
	There is so much to tell you
	Laugh with me, run with me, laugh with me, run with me

	I want to see you more and more
	So much to experience
	Come fly with me, come fly with me ...

	Fly, fly, fly, fly, superfly, superfly

2 You and I

	And you and me
	Were climbing up this mountain
	We walked and tried to reach the stars
	We grew so close to our unification
	We were two and became one

	Every time we met again
	There was this understanding
	Being together in the light of our love
	In the heat of night when passion grows
	And discoveries commence
	An unbreakable belief appeared

	You and I and you and I and you and I

At this point the Full Monty Fisherman Choir takes over. They sing a story of two people who will fly for life.

	We will succeed in life
	Live on close together
	Our relation growing better
	And that is when we said: yes

3 Our love

	Our love was recognised
	From far, far above
	I a heavenly and spheric place
	Someone said yes too
	A son was born
	Gifted with a great sense of joy

	A smile from his heart
	Makes me forget I got so many things to do

	Play, my little boy
	Play, with your shine toy
	Grow up, but don't go to fast for me
	I want to see all the stages
	That we've been through too

	Bringing us closer together than we dared dream

	Taking care of this child
	Gives us the light in our eyes

4 Flower

	You gave me light any moment in time
	Look at the bright star that's tumbling down
	From the sky
	In the night

	My heart lifts up when you come around
	Drifting in clear light
	Spirals of love
	Ready, open up


	A little plant in a red pot
	Is struggling to get the light it needs to survive

	In the cold mist of dutch mornings
	When the people bend over deep in their jackets
	This plant is hoping to thrive
	In the springs of delight
	When the cold is so far
	And the wind seems a strange guest
	We haven't seen in a long time
	Where the warmth of the summer is saying it's name
	Through the golden light
	Through trees, they have been around
	To tell you stories of old
	And you listen to music
	And you talk with your god
	And you make things worthwile

5 Drifting

A journey to the light, transcending into the future

6 Future

	The sun comes up
	We wake up smiling
	In the beauty of the morning
	We say the wind has called
	The light is shining bright
	In your eyes
	We learned we tried so hard
	We came so far now
	We know that good things last
	This is our life
	We make it what we think is best
	Open and fullfilling
	With peace in hearts
	Open up for me
	I open up for you
	Listen to the colors and see the harmony

At this point the music takes over. Two guitars taking turns in a solo that lasts up untill the end where the chord sequence from the intro is played in an new key. The end is the beginning, the circle of life. A little child playing with a toy instrument, making it all happen over and over again...